Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Wispa .... its back !

To be completely honest with you the campaign launch on the red rooster back in January to reinstate the Wispa bar was initially a bit of a piss take. But holy shit because of some Cork & international on line activity, its happening.

“Cadbury is to bow down to an internet campaign and bring back the Wispa chocolate bar.

Cadbury will make an initial run of 23million bars in October and gauge interest from there.

The company says customers often ask for old favorites to be brought back, but said the numbers joining the internet campaign to re-launch Wispa were unprecedented”.

www.bebo.com/welikewispa is the Cork ran bebo page, check it out.

We had Joy on the show this morning, one of the many ladies demanding the return of the bubbly one.

The people power possibilities are now endless, Wonderly Wagon, Bosco, Manimal ( that shite show with the dude who ran in behind a bush and emerged as a panther )

Lets bring it all back !

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