Thursday, August 23, 2007

We found him .......

After we lashed on this mornings 90’S classic ( click for cringe ) Lenny Longballs my tractor pilot comedy genius suggested that we do a “ what the f*ck happen to … “ Friday feature on the show. You text in your requests of celebrity causalities and we track em down!

Angus Mcanally from anything goes, with his two different colored socks sprung to mind !

We actually tracked down Mr Snow, he is on the show tomorrow.

His track “ INFORMER “ has a special place in my heart. When I was 19 I played weekly in Panama Jacks club in Castlebar , which was a wicked club for progressive music in its day. When the shades ( cool street slang for our local law enforcers ) arrived at the club at 2am to see if they were still serving booze, one of the bouncers would radio the dj box to play “ snow - informer “ . When that track came on it was code for the bar staff to shut the bar before the cops could raid the club. Eventually they copped it… so the muppet show theme tune replaced it !

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