Monday, August 13, 2007

Well how ya doing ??

So, back after a two week break which for me involved sleeping, boozing, reading, clubbing, fishing, all in that order. When you’re getting up at 4.30 am everyday you have to make the most of the slumber sessions.

Getting back into a routine is a bitch, for the last 2 weeks it’s been in reverse, actually going to bed at 4.30 instead of creeping out of it. So last night I Iay in bed looking at the alarm clock thinking “ this fu*king thing is going to go off in a few hours and its all over “ .. That’s it, holidays 2007…. all over.

I'm just about to doze off when im woken to the sound of a bleeping text massage, its from Ray Foley that cheeky pup from Today FM (well technically Ballina Co Mayo – another member of the Mayo Mafia) At that time Ray was on rent boy duty in the men’s jacks of a local watering well, on the departure of an elder client he spotted this printed on the toilet bowl and felt the need to send it to me, it read ..

" I saw this on the underside of a jacks in hogans and thought of you "

Thanks Foley ya B*llox !

West Cork is the job, spent 4 days in Schull just chilling and drinking in Local super pubs like Haketts and after that it was onto the local night club “ Club Pier’o

Now we actually thought we were going to a night club, pay in, arsey bouncer, cloak room type club … not in Schull !!

Club Pier’o is an open to all out door drinking emporium ( the pier ) where hundreds of locals and tourists get hammered until 6 in the morning. The local guards don’t seem to mind, they drove by several times and just made sure no one was dead and left.. Amazing!

If this was anywhere else in the country you would be hauled off for out door gatting, respect to the local law!

We have loads happening on the show this week..

Win a VIP trip for you and your buddy to Thailand,

Frank Twomey ( yes him of Bosco fame ) and Pakie O callaghan ( bull island fame ) are on the show every morning with their hilarious sketches of their new production “ surviving Santa ponza “

And we have all the usual messing going on 6 -10 .



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Ray said...

Sundays are my busiest nights.