Friday, August 24, 2007


It’s a funny old game this radio craic.Our job’s here and overall company success are determined by ratings. If lots of people are listening then we generate more cash from advertising revenue, the business performs better, the presenter is safe, the program controller is chuffed, the c.e.o. delighted, the board of management... minted,
it's the internal radio baton.

The way it's calculated is arguably inaccurate, but it’s the only form of measurement we have, although when your doing well, f*ck it, it’s the best system ever.

The survey is called J.N.L.R. – That stands for John, Noel, Lorna, Ronan, they are the 4 people that they ask “what radio station do you listen to " thus creating a means average for their area which is calculated into over all audience...or something like that :-)

So on the Red Rooster we were delighted when we were told yesterday “ hey langers , yer beating 2FMs breakfast by 17.000 people, and Ian Dempsey by 3000 people “ , both very good n credible shows I might add.

There is only one solid explanation for this heave in red rooster domination, Lennys mum.

Ever since Miss Lenny, in all her senior glory, started doing her own versions of "Jump around - the house of pain"," underworld - born slippy", and soon to be mastered in production “ ace of spades- motor head “ the show has gone from strength to strength.

11,000 new listeners in 12 months is unreal for us, so …. Seriously, thanks for supporting the show and the station.

It's true what you hear about Cork people , they support their own, and eat their young.

Love ye.

This is a shot of Lenny and I after yesterdays announcement.


P.S. foley congrats ya b*llixs :-)

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